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What’s in the Box?

Few things help you know if you want to buy a product more than knowing exactly what’s in the box, right? Let’s get right to it… prepare your wallet!

Kenji’s Quest: Book One Core Box

Note: The Kenji’s Quest: Book One Core Box exists for two reasons:
1. There are a number of optional add-ons that you can purchase.
2. We wanted to keep the cost of the game as low as possible (approximately that of a video game), while providing players access to everything you need to play.

Potion Bottles

Yep, Kenji’s Quest features actual potion bottles you can drink from! Potions are a central part of Kenji’s Quest, and as you acquire them in the game, you will be able to store them in your own personal set of bottles. Need to recover some HP after a battle? Drink a Healing Potion. Need to really put the hurt on a mini-boss? Drink a Potion of Warrior’s Fury. Is your friend knocked out? Administer a Recovery Potion to them! There’s dozens of potion types out there, and the only thing more fun than finding and collecting them will be deciding what drink you want to use to represent them!

Non-Slip Game Mat

Measuring 18X24 inches, our exclusive game mat has a non-slip surface on both sides. This enables the mat to stay fixed on your tabletop and for the modular dungeon tiles to stay in place as you move the game pieces on them. The rubber mat rolls up for easy storage and has stitched edging to provide a nice, finished look and feel.

Magic Stones – Actual Gemstones

When equipped, magic stones enable the players to cast useful and powerful magic spells. The magic stones you find when playing Kenji’s Quest are actual gemstones from around the world—and our Core Box contains every magic stone for all of Kenji’s Quest: Book One. Their shape and color determine their effect and equipping them to your character sheet is done using a specialized hook and loop fastener.

Modular Dungeon Tiles

The Core Box contains the printed and cut Dungeon Tiles you need to explore all of the scenarios in the first chapter of Kenji’s Quest: Book One. From dark, subterranean mineshafts to bright forest paths, our full-color Dungeon Tiles are modular in design. This section-by-section design system enables you to only “see” what’s in front of you, adding to the suspense of exploration, as you never know what may be lurking just around the corner or behind the door in front of you…

Character Sheets, Equipment Cards, and Item Cards

Our character sheets are one-sided, printed on thick card stock, and especially designed for the character you choose. As you obtain new weapons, armor, and other items from treasure chests and enemies you defeat, you will acquire cards that are designed to be attached to the appropriate section on your character sheet. Be sure to manage your inventory wisely, for there’s only so much space for spare weapons and items in your backpack. This system enables you to highly customize your character and to put all of the info you need directly in front of you with a distinct visual appeal.

Skill Cards

Skills are primarily used to assist in battle, and you begin the game with skills unique to your character’s discipline and race. Obtained by purchasing or finding skill books, you then attach the skill card to the appropriate skill slot on your character sheet for quick reference. As you obtain more and more skills, you have the ability to swap them in and out, enabling you to highly customize your character.


Instead of providing you with dice so cheap and poorly balanced you may as well throw them away than on your table, we provide you four sets of attractive, high quality dice.

Maps & More

Maps are a very central part of Kenji’s Quest, as nearly each chapter features a map that you will use to make decisions about which scenarios and encounters you want to experience next. In addition, there are world maps, regional maps, and maps of specific cities, towns, and other locations. In addition to the World and Chapter One maps, the Core Box contains the official Game Host Instruction Booklet, an app access code, and pencils—all packaged in an attractive, high-quality box.

Monsters and Miniatures

Before describing the miniatures in the Core Box, we want you to know that we are going all in on miniatures. To accommodate all tastes and budgets, we are assembling a full A-to-Z catalog of fantasy miniatures compatible with Kenji’s Quest and other popular tabletop games. Each monster, hero, villian, and NPC (non-player character) will be designed by hand-picked artists, available in multiple 2D and 3D types, pose variations, and in any quantity at the Myths & Miniatures online store.

In the Core Box, you get the 2D Cardboard Token miniatures of all 32 playable hero options and every monster and NPC you can encounter in Kenji’s Quest Chapter One—along with colored Token Miniature Stands.

If you back us during our Kickstarter, you will also get our Rat Bundle—featuring all of the rats you encounter during Chapter One—for free.

The Core Box also includes access to our download center, where you can download-and-print versions of every monster, NPC, dungeon tile, and item card you could possibly experience in all chapters of Kenji’s Quest: Book One.

Kenji’s Quest Add-Ons

As mentioned, the Kenji’s Quest: Book One Core Box contains everything you need to play the first chapter of Kenji’s Quest. It does not contain the pre-printed Dungeon Tiles, miniatures, and item/equipment cards for the remaining chapters. The reason for this is pretty straightforward—the choices you make in the game determine which chapters and monsters you will actually encounter. If we included all of the Dungeon Tiles, miniatures, etc. that you could possibly experience in the Core Box, we’d be looking at a box the size of a kitchen appliance and unnecessarily increase the cost of the game.

For the remaining chapters of Kenjis Quest: Book One, you can either use the Download Center to download and print the 2D versions of the Dungeon Tiles, miniatures, and other cards for free. If you’d like to avoid any DIY, you choose to get the contents of what we affectionately call our Lazy Pledge, which contains:

Lazy Box

The Lazy Box contains 700+ professionally printed and cut versions of everything you could possibly need—no matter what choices you make—as you play chapters 2-6. For example:

200+ Dungeon Tiles, 200+ Equipment Cards, 225 Item Cards
15+ Regional and Chapter Maps
30+ Skill Cards
20+ Extra Character Sheets

Along with the Token Box, the Lazy Box is perfect for lazy folks (like me!) who want to avoid any DIY printing and cutting.

Token Box – Bestiary Vol. I

This box contains 300+ 2D Cardboard Tokens—featuring every monster (and NPC) that you could possibly experience in all chapters of Kenji’s Quest: Book One.

This Box is also compatible with other tabletop games and makes a fantastic low-cost alternative to purchasing hundreds of 3D miniatures.

Also includes:
18 (12 Black and 6 Colored) 1″ Miniature Bases
9 (3 Black and 6 Colored) 2″ Miniature Bases

Base colors include: Blue, Green, Grey, Purple, Red, White

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