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We're Myths & Miniatures, makers of Kenji's Quest and high-quality fantasy miniatures.

Mages in the Mountains

We’re a small, dedicated team headquartered in the Rocky Mountains of Utah working directly with talented artists, musicians, and programmers from around the world—and that’s just the way we like it. No matter how much we grow, we’ll always be our own corporate overlords.

Legendary Service

While starting a business can be a dicey proposition, there’s no risk when dealing with Myths & Miniatures. We’re fun, friendly, and professional—with a philosophy to always treat others exactly how we’d like to be treated and to be transparent and responsive to everyone.

We Put Artists First

We know that quality art and music is key to the success of our products. That’s why we treat all musicians and artists and who design our miniatures or do art for Kenji’s Quest as our most important partners. In addition to promoting and crediting them throughout our site, social media, and products, we’ve structured our business to share with them as much of the profits as possible.

We Take Our Work Seriously...

…but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We’re most serious about delivering the best possible product at the best possible price—quickly and efficiently. We’re always looking for ways to improve our processes, keep costs down, and to keep our artists and musicians happy.

Meet the Founders

Lee Sands - Founder & Game Designer

Lee was born and raised in rural North Florida where his favorite childhood activities were tromping around the nearby creek and playing the latest Zelda and Final Fantasy games on his Super Nintendo. In school, he loved entertaining others with written stories, which led him to study creative writing, both in his undergraduate and graduate studies. An unexpected twist during graduate school shifted his professional goals, leading to a career in the world of technology and startups, both as a business owner and a technical writer. He is now focused on combining all of his lifelong interests and talents to create a game he could only dream of as a child—a board game version of those classic adventure games from his childhood, one where friends and family can participate in the adventure together.

Keith Mayberry - Co-Founder & Game Designer

Keith, who oversees game design and balance at Myths & Miniatures, grew up in Southern California as a science-loving kid who trekked the nearby hills, rode his skateboard, and played pogs.  He grew up in a family with deep roots in the video game industry, which helped him see first-hand what it takes to make a game compelling.  While completing his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, he found himself replaying the retro games of his childhood: Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, and his all-time favorite—Betrayal at Krondor. Shortly after his pre-med studies, chance led Keith to being one of the original alpha testers for Kenji’s Quest, which set off a sequence of events that eventually led him to join in creating Kenji’s Quest—a board game true to the masterpieces of his childhood.

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